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The process for getting started

Before you hire me to start generating leads for your business, you should know what to expect.

Introductory Call:

Give me the scoop on your marketing challenges and goals. I want a complete picture before I start developing a workable strategy. We also need to determine which advertising platform (Google, Facebook/Instagram, or LinkedIn) offers the best opportunity for your business.


Audit & Strategy:

If you have old or existing campaigns, I want to conduct an audit to see what's worked, what hasn't worked, and what areas of opportunity exist.


Next, I develop a full strategy explaining exactly how I intend to help your business generate leads with pay-per-click campaigns.


We talk through the audit and strategy. We discuss the details. I'll present a fixed monthly management fee based on your advertising spend or the scope of your campaigns. No setup fees.


I send you a questionnaire about your business and target audience. I keep the questionnaire on file and add to it as the engagement progresses.


We kick things off on a phone call where we set expectations, discuss next steps regarding advertising assets, and lay out launch priorities.

Campaign Launch:

We gather all the assets: keywords (or audiences, if applicable), ad copy, landing pages, and images. You review the initial campaigns. When approved, we launch.


Routine Meetings:

You choose our communication cadence. Every month, I send an online report with data and commentary on the month's results including priorities for the following month.


Campaign Optimization:

When I'm not inside each ad platform pulling levers to improve the integrity of our campaigns, I'm studying data and plotting our next moves


Road to Results:

I am always attentive, and always use data over assumptions when making decisions. The more data we have, the better decisions we make, the closer you get to your lead goals.


Results take time. Don't believe it if someone tells you otherwise.

"Jason has helped us pull in prospective customers across Google, LinkedIn, and Facebook. In three months, we have seen a 7.6X ROI from our campaigns. As our needs evolve, I'm always impressed by Jason's capacity to remain responsive, flexible, and motivated to help us reach our goals."

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Ready to get started?

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