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LinkedIn Ads


Why advertise on LinkedIn?


To find people by job title, job function, company, industry, skills, and other attributes. LinkedIn is best for B2B advertising.


How can I reach potential customers?


If you have a list of prospects by name or a list of target companies we can use an account-based marketing approach to reach them. Otherwise, we use LinkedIn's audience attributes (job title, job function, industry, etc.) to put together an audience that might be interested in your product or service.

Unlike Google, we cannot be sure whether audience targets are in the market for your products or services. To combat this, we create marketing funnels that generate awareness and move the right prospects closer to action.


What can I expect from Reanimate Marketing?

  • Prospect audience research and creation

  • Warm audience creation based on website sections (more segmented audience lists allow us to create more targeted ads)

  • A marketing funnel that uses 1-3 cold audiences and one main retargeting campaign (to be defined in strategy phase)

  • Ad copy that entices people to complete an action on your website or fill out a lead form in LinkedIn

  • Website analytics setup (if applicable) and maintenance to ensure data is tracked appropriately inside LinkedIn Ads and across all website channels

  • Graphics for use across all campaigns

  • Additional service aspects based on your marketing goals 

"Jason has helped us pull in prospective customers across Google, LinkedIn, and Facebook. In three months, we have seen a 7.6X ROI from our campaigns. As our needs evolve, I'm always impressed by Jason's capacity to remain responsive, flexible, and motivated to help us reach our goals."

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