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Google Ads


Why advertise on Google?


To find people actively searching on Google for products or services like yours.


How can I reach potential customers?


On Google, people use search terms to find what they want. When people search using keywords that relate to your products or services, we can pay for them to visit your website to complete an action, like filling out a lead form, making a purchase, or downloading a piece of content. We can catch people at any point in their search journey and prompt them to do business with you.


What can I expect from Reanimate Marketing?

  • Comprehensive keyword research to determine the best keywords for your goals and budget

  • Structured ad campaigns promoting your website and landing pages

  • Ad copy that captures visitors and primes them to complete an action on your website

  • Website analytics setup and maintenance to ensure data is tracked appropriately inside Google Ads and across all website channels

  • Audience creation for retargeting campaigns 

  • Search campaigns to satisfy immediate advertising goals with opportunity for expansion campaigns on display, YouTube, and Gmail

  • Graphics for use in retargeting and additional future display campaigns

  • Additional service aspects based on your marketing goals 

"Jason has helped us pull in prospective customers across Google, LinkedIn, and Facebook. In three months, we have seen a 7.6X ROI from our campaigns. As our needs evolve, I'm always impressed by Jason's capacity to remain responsive, flexible, and motivated to help us reach our goals."

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